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Institutioner och sällskap, med hvilka Föreningen byter publikationer. 12. Förteckning pä böcker och Petersson, P. Käpten vid Vag- och Vatten- byggnadskären. 85 .

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USA Custom Shop Tom Petersson Signature 12-String Falcon™ Bass. G2220 Junior Jet™ Bass II. Apr 18, 2013 - Tom Petersson—conceptualizer of the 12-string bass and original low-end man for Cheap Trick—gives Premier Guitar a glimpse at some of the rare gems in his vast collection of vintage guitars and basses This year saw the creation of the monstrous G6136B-TP Custom Shop Tom Petersson Signature White Falcon™ 12-string bass. As the bassist for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame power-pop outfit Cheap Trick, Petersson pioneered the use of a 12-string, multi-octave instrument and his stamp on the classic White Falcon bass design resulted in a truly jaw-dropping model. Petersson contributes to the writing of music and was the first bassist to play a 12 string bass guitar.

His galvanic playing laid down a foundation for the band’s emergence as a musical monster in the 1970s, helping them win a fanatical following that’s grown to include luminaries like Gene Simmons, Joey Ramone and Poison’s C.C. DeVille.

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Klaverutdrag med solostämma  av M Sundström · Citerat av 37 — nial events. Other friends who have in varied ways contributed to the work at hand include (but are not limited to): Jonas Johansson, Tom Nils- son, Bo Hagström  Electric Bass – Jan Bergman Tenor Saxophone – Carl Lundborg, Sven-Olof Petersson* 3:12. A5, Hallå Pappa Tango Charlie (Pappa Tango Charly).

Tom petersson 12 string bass

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Tom petersson 12 string bass

I had the idea for the 12 string bass back in 1973.

Visuell produktion - ett arbete om bildkommunikation och produktanvändarvänlighet2005Studentuppsats (Examensarbete). 455. Emile. Brandt, Thomas. Kungl. When Delbert was 12 years old, his father sold the Frenchburg farm and the Apple - upright bass, Bob McCoy - steel guitar and Billy Thomas - fiddle The At last, Terry had an authentic sound with Lennie's upright bass and Erik Petersson Källor: Rock-Olgas urklippsbok från årenE1958-2010 Tack till:  Kontrabas 11 Double Bass. Piano 12 Piano för soloinstrument och stråkorkester for Solo Instrument and String Orchestra.
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Oh yeah, he also was the man behind the first 12-string bass. Maybe you've heard of it?

You’re notoriously known for your 12 string bass and at times you’ve almost had a function as second lead guitarist, how did the idea about the 12 string bass come about?
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New Releases. Featured New 12-String Bass Guitar, Bass, Group Member, Vocals : 2014 : On Top Of The World: 1978 Live Broadcast: Cheap Trick: Vocals, Bass Petersson pioneered the creation and use of the 12-string bass guitar, and now, on the heels of Cheap Trick’s April 2016 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Gretsch Custom Shop is supremely delighted to introduce the USA Custom Shop Tom Petersson Signature 12-String Falcon Bass. G6120TB-DE Duane Eddy 6-String Bass. G5440LSB Electromatic® Hollow Body Long-Scale Bass. G6136B-TP Tom Petersson Signature 4-String Bass.

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He has a son,  Feb 14, 2020 on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Tom Petersson on the unusual 12 string bass (more on him in a moment), and Rick Nielsen on lead guitar. May 28, 2015 I am a recording artist that very recently acquired a 12 string bass for recording. I have always loved the sound of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick  Tom Petersson also switched to the 12-string bass guitar, making Heaven Tonight the first album ever recorded with a 12-string bass. The teen anthem  Neck Finish Gloss Urethane; Neck Shape Standard "U"; Neck Binding Gold Sparkle with B/W Purfling; Scale Length 30.3" (770 mm); Fingerboard Radius 12   Used Gretsch G6136LSB White Falcon Double Cut Semi Hollow Bass Guitar W Gretsch G6136B-Tp Tom Petersson Signature Falcon 4-String Bass Aged White gloss-finish maple neck with “U” profile, 12”-radius ebony fingerboard with 22  Gretsch G6136B-TP-AWT Tom Petersson Signature Falcon 4-String Bass (Aged gloss-finish maple neck with “U” profile, 12”-radius ebony fingerboard with 22  Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson, Inventor of the 12-String Cheap Trick Bass Player 12 String Bass Bass :: G6136B-TP12 Custom Shop Tom Petersson Signature  Waterstone Tom Petersson 12 String Bass.

But it wouldn’t be possible without the 12-string bass. Tom Petersson Petersson is a bassist's bassist.